24 September 2016

Et Tu, Ted?

20 September 2016

Republican Friendships Being Lost Over Trump?
OH WELL- Some of Us Didn’t Sell Out

Jay Caruso @ RedState

I can't say I have lost any close friends due to my lack of support for Donald Trump. Many of my friends agree with me about his candidacy. There have been professional relationships that have been frayed and arguments with some friends over Trump but nothing serious. 

There are however, deep divisions among some people, particularly with organizations, elected officials, party people and others who have jumped aboard the Trump Train after years of telling others he was an unacceptable member of the Republican Party...

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14 September 2016

'Never Trump' Republicans Standing Firm

Never still means never for the collection of Republicans known as
'Never Trump' because of their committed opposition to Donald Trump.

These Republicans, ranging from lawmakers, to intellectuals, to party insiders and strategists, remains firmly opposed to Trump, even as the GOP nominee has become more competitive with Hillary Clinton.

That opposition continues despite the fresh attention on the scandals hovering over the Democratic nominee's presidential candidacy, as well as fresh news about Clinton being diagnosed with pneumonia.

The illness forced Clinton off the campaign trail for at least a
few days this week.

For 'Never Trump' Republicans, opposition to their party's nominee has never been tied to his viability in the polls or their opinion of Clinton...

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12 September 2016

Trump's Enablers Will Be Responsible
for His Epic Defeat in November

Michael Van Der Galien @PJ Media:

Let's face it- Trump is a loose cannon. He's a narcissistic megalomaniac who just can't keep his mouth closed. He's probably the worst candidate the Republicans have ever put forth. And that's saying something; I haven't forgotten about Bob Dole...

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11 September 2016


09 September 2016

Republicans Rush to Save Candidates
from Trump Wipeout

'Poor polling and Trump's lack of a ground game is triggering 
growing alarm about down-ticket fallout — even in red states'

Republicans are scrambling to protect a growing number of down-ballot candidates — including several in conservative bastions — who they fear could be swamped by a Donald Trump wipeout in November.

Nearly a dozen GOP strategists said in interviews this week that they are taking steps to buttress Republicans in strongholds where private polling shows Trump — his recent uptick in public surveys notwithstanding — is threatening to drag down candidates running beneath him... 

06 September 2016

Feds Were Investigating Trump for Mob-Related Money Laundering- Until Rudolph Giuliani
Made the Case Disappear

Let's start with the fact that Donald Trump's top surrogate, Rudy Giuliani, is on the payroll. In January, he joined a law firm, Greenberg Traurig, that represents Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Last year, the firm handled Trump's suit against the Florida city of Doral so his golf course could override noise regulations that barred him from bulldozing before sunrise. More recently, it handled Kushner's $340-million acquisition of the Watchtower properties in downtown Brooklyn.

When Trump paid a $250,000 fine in 2000 for secretly funding a million-dollar lobbying campaign against an Indian casino in upstate New York, he was represented by Greenberg.

Giuliani brought Marc Mukasey, the stepson of ex-U.S. Attorney General and lifelong Giuliani friend Michael Mukasey, with him... 

31 August 2016

Hump-Day Humor